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Okinawa Esthetics Spa Certified Facility System

An “Okinawa Esthetics Spa Facility” is a facility with the goal of maintaining and restoring health and beauty and providing a soothing environment.

It offers various specialized treatment services in a space that exemplifies Okinawa - using natural Okinawan products, delivered with the Okinawan spirit of “chimugukuru” (which roughly translates to “kindness and hospitality” in the Okinawan dialect).

The certification system verifies that certification standards relating to “facility”, “service”, “estheticians/therapists”, “safety, comfort and hygiene management” and “Okinawan-ness” have been met, ensuring that clients can have confidence in Okinawa Esthetics Spa services in Okinawa.


Facilities that have passed prescribed inspections are granted with the certification.
Our goal is to make “Okinawa Spas” into an internationally recognized brand by ensuring the safe and worry-free service quality of Okinawa’s Esthetics Spa facilities and by striving towards the improvement of unique services using Okinawan regional products.