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We support individuals to become healthy in “the healing island” Okinawa through Okinawa’s tradition, culture, and “Wellness & Beauty”.

Okinawa is one of the most popular tropical resort areas in Japan, which is 1,500km far from Tokyo. The weather is warm throughout the year; average temperature is about 23℃, and there is little difference between day and night temperatures. Until 130 years ago, Okinawa had been an independent nation, called “Ryukyu”, and has long history of political, economic, and cultural interaction among China and other south east Asian countries, Okinawa has been especially greatly influenced by China.

Generally speaking, Japanese people are known as being very sensitive to other people’s feeling, so are the Okinawan. In addition, The Okinawan people has a generous-hearted spirit and friendliness nurtured by tropical climate, nature, and its unique history, distinguished with those of the rest of Japan. These sensitivity, generosity, and friendliness are the characteristics of Okinawa.

The Okinawa Esthetic and Spa Cooperative Society aims to provide the “Okinawan” spa services, through which every Okinawan qualities can be felt.

Okinawa Esthetic & Spa Cooperative Society was founded in 2008. Our mission is to develop and establish the “Okinawan” esthetic/spa brand. We are the largest organization of the esthetic/spa industry in Okinawa; 20 companies and over 30 facilities have become members.

The Okinawan esthetic & spa emphasize “Chimu gukuru”, the Okinawan warm-hearted spirit. With “Chimu gukuru” spirit, we aim for providing healing services, and the services to maintain and promote health and beauty. Facilities of our members utilize Okinawan natural resources, create Okinawan atmosphere, and provide a wide variety of professional treatment services. These Okinawan esthetic/spa services are greatly appreciated and recognized among visitors all over the world.

We have established safety and quality standard for esthetic/spa facilities and just started certification system. Our mission is the following;
We enhance unique services using domestic resources.
We develop unique esthetic/spa services for tourists
We archive international recognition of Okinawa esthetic/spa by advancing and promoting its unique services.

We guarantee that the unique Okinawa esthetic/spa services to meet people’s satisfaction during a stay in Okinawa. We strongly hope it to be included as a part of travel packages.

We are now working on our organization information in Chinese (traditional and simplified) and English. Please contact us indicated below if you would like to make a request for information and our service package.

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